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EPRO INDIA has supported large number of customers to achieve successful completion and acceptance of Information Technology (IT), Networking, Communication, Management, Finance, HR, and
Marketing Dissertations and Theses Research projects. We hereby present the key topics that have been delivered by our customers successfully as a result of our mentoring and academic consulting
services. Please note that these topics have been paraphrased and are not the original ones to ensure that the customers do not suffer due to matches. Most of the dissertation and thesis topics are
pertaining to Networking, IT, Finance, HR, Marketing and Management. Few topics on Humanities, Psychology, Criminology and Sociology were also undertaken that are not mentioned here because
they are not part of our primary expertise.

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The following topics have been presented not only to publish the areas in which EPRO INDIA has successfully supported customers in
Dissertation and Thesis Research projects but also to present an idea about the theoretical foundation upon which new topics can be
developed that have not yet been addressed adequately. Please note that new problems requiring research efforts always evolve from
the empirical solutions to the old problems and hence the world of research keeps moving on.

Please also visit the page detailing
SUBJECT AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION pertaining to our services to view the broader perspective
of topic building for Dissertations and Theses.

(1) The change of role of Management Accountants due to OLAP, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (multiple papers).
(2) The change in auditing methodologies as a result of continuous auditing systems and application of IT tools.
(3) Are the auditors responsible for the Sub-Prime Crisis?
(4) Design & Simulation of the University Campus Network using OPNET IT GURU Academic Edition.
(5) Analysis and resolution of Network Disruptions in a corporate business system.
(6) Procedure for selection and implementation of Software Applications.
(7) Secured Localization of Global Computing System.
(8) Market Segmentation and Customer Buying behaviors in Retail Supermarkets and Hypermarkets (multiple papers).
(9) Failure of risk management in predicting the current financial crisis (multiple papers).
(10) Organizational Change and Information Systems (multiple papers).
(11) A comprehensive study of Linux Enterprise.
(12) Application of Marketing Principles in E-Business.
(13) Active Directory Implementation using Windows 2003.
(14) Masters project in Knowledge Management - the cycle of knowledge conversion between tacit and explicit knowledge.
(15) Achieving Service Excellence through Customer Relationship Management (multiple papers).
(16) Using Ethics Awareness Inventory in solving Professional Workplace Dilemma.
(17) Measurements and Management of Enterprise Risks (multiple papers).
(18) Planning and Deployment of Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (multiple papers).
(19) Virtualization Environments are the future of computing.
(20) Critical Studies on Public Infrastructure Services (multiple papers).
(21) Cisco's implementation of BGP and OSPF - experimental paper.
(22) Company Valuation Techniques and application in Leveraged Buyouts.
(23) Fair Valuation - the key result area of corporate governance.
(24) How is Entrepreneurship linked with Economic Growth? (multiple papers)
(25) Virtual Reality Applications in Industries.
(26) Empirical Models for managing Information Systems Outsourcing.
(27) Information Systems Strategy formation with the help of ITIL version 3 and COBIT frameworks.
(28) Resort Marketing and Promotion Methods - A case study of UAE.
(29) Wireless Sensor Networks - Multiple Assignments with simulations.
(30) Location aware Emergency Messaging using GIS.
(31) ITIL, COBIT and ValIT models and their contribution to deployment and management of Virtual IT Infrastructures.
(32) How does the new Fair Valuation norms (SFAS 157 and the IFRS Fair Value Project) impact general accounting methods?
(33) Impact of the Digitalisation of Retail World on Customer Buying Behaviour.
(34) OPNET simulation of intrusions in WiFi Networks and arriving at the right protection strategies.
(35) How can Terrestrial Trunked Radio technology compete with 3G/4G if launched as an open mobile communications standard?
(36) How the regulations and controls in UK have been able to control market manipulations?
(37) Modern applications of wireless technologies for protection of babies and toddlers.
(38) Development of valuation model for large scale organisations that can be used for middle and long term investment planning.
(40) The influence of structured finance products and securitisation process on the financial crisis.
(41) How can the frontline sales executives affect customer buying behaviour in modern supermarkets and hypermarkets?
(42) How can rural development affect national economic development of a developing country in the modern world?
(43) Voice over IP configurations and optimisations over Satellite Communication Networks.
(44) How "Just In Time (JIT)" and "Lean Manufacturing (LM)" have been effective for Motor Manufacturers in the US?
(45) Level of disclosures of ME commercial and Islamic banks and financial institutions as per IAS/IFRS framework.
(46) Application of Change Management Principles in large scale Public Infrastructure Projects.
(47) Leveraging Social Marketing techniques in ME.
(48) A critical analysis of Private Academic Institutions and Universities in the ME.
(49) How effective is Sustainable Procurement in the US, UK and EU Countries?
(50) Organisational Downsizing and its impact on Leavers and Survivors (multiple papers).
(51) Mechanisms to reduce threats evolving from Misconfigurations in Border Gateway Protocol.
(52) Indoor GIS using triangulation in WiFi networking.
(53) Comparisons between real and virtual IT infrastructures (multiple papers)
(54) Financial ratio analysis using data collected from annual statements (multiple papers)
(55) Human Knowledge Resources strategy formulation and application (multiple papers)
(56) Business Development and Marketing Plans (multiple papers)
(57) IAS and IFRS based financial reporting (multiple papers)
(58) Strategic Management of Human and Knowledge Resources (multiple papers)
(59) Corporate America and the need for Ethical Leadership - The era of poor corporate governance post Enron.
(60) Correlation between globalisation and socio-economic development of developing countries.
(61) How can Management Accounting be leveraged to take major investment decisions and link such decisions to corporate strategy of
the firm?
(62) Correlation of Information Security Management with Incident and Change Management in an organisation.
(63) Role of Project Management Office and PMBOK in large scale Information Technology Project Management.
(65) Marketing Management and Promotion Strategy of Computer Game Consoles - comparison of Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation.
(66) How are the Virtualisation Technologies developed by Microsoft, VMWare and Red Hat shaping the future of computing?
(67) The correlation between current economic crisis and failure of corporate governance in banks and financial institutions.
(68) IT Infrastructure and Services Maturity achieved through Cloud Computing - mapping with Zachman's Model, GERA and COBIT.
(69) Role of Knowledge based Human Resources Information Management (HRIM) in formulating Human and Knowledge Resources
(70) A study of Weather Derivatives and their comparison with other Derivatives used as Tranches in Structured Finance Products.
(71) The emerging concept of Collaborative Network Intrusion Profiling in the field of Collaborative IDS and IPS.
(72) How Project Management best practices have been successful in reducing Aviation Accidents in General Aviation?
(73) A study of Capital Market Efficiency in Eastern European Countries.
(74) How effective is the financing of Working Capital using short term investments in Money Market Instruments?
(75) How can COBIT be used as an Audit Tool for Corporate Governance and Risk Management?
(76) "Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)" and its application in Auditing and Reporting.
(77) The similarities and differences between E-Business Stores and Traditional Brick and Mortar Stores - comparison of Sainsbury and
(78) The challenges of Legal and Regulatory framework and Corporate Ethics in E-Business.
(80) New models of Customer Service Excellence in the Sustainable Retail World.
(81) Threat, Impact and Risk Analysis of an organisation selling mobile phone services - case study of one of the largest Telecom
companies in the UK.
(82) Information Security Risk Management and its integration into Enterprise Risk Management - demonstration via an Excel based
(83) Enhancement of Organisational Competitive Advantages with the help of Knowledge Management.
(84) Critical Thinking Models and their applications in organisational conflict scenarios - creation of three conflict scenarios and their
(85) Implementation of Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System in a University Network at UK.
(86) How does the infrastructure system of a city affects the well being, health and safety of the natives? (multiple papers)
(87) How effective are the "Bicycle Highways" in USA for enhancement of peoples' health and environmental safety?
(88) Mobile Information Systems and their effectiveness in the Civil Aviation Industry - Case Study of Deutsche Lufthansa.
(89) The role of Paperless Systems in enhancing the value of IT Services - viewing from a Val IT perspective.
(90) Forensics in Auditing Systems and reduction of fraud in Financial Accounting - Audit Command Language (ACL) and Computer
Aided Auditing.
(91) Case Studies of the models of Social Networking - Evaluation of "Small World" and "Scale Free" Networks.
(92) Marketing of Electric and Hybrid cars in developed countries - case study of Reva.
(93) Cultures of consumption and the impact on Infrastructure capacities - special emphasis on City Water Infrastructures.
(94) Creating business models for on-line retail business (multiple papers)
(95) Design of Management Portfolio in Civil Infrastructure Projects.
(96) Ethical Energy and Environmental Protection - A Case Study of Suzlon Energy.
(97) Vision and Strategy, Scenario Planning, Leadership Traits and Organisational Perfomance (multiple papers).
(98) Impact of Dysfunctional Mentoring on organisational performance.
(99) ISA (UK and Republic of Ireland) and the IAASB Clarity Project - Analysis of impact on the UK Auditing Regulations (multiple
(100) Execution of Software Upgrade Projects - Project Planning for upgrading from Office 2000/2003/XP to Office 2007 in an
advertising company.
(101) Tradeoff between On-line Multimedia and Traditional Multimedia in the world of On-Line Education.
(102) Evaluation of vendors under Sustainable Procurement Practice.
(103) Correlation between Organisational Culture, Employee Performance and Competitive Advantages (multiple papers).
(104) Collaborative Security in Wireless Networks - Application of OPNET in assessment of Security Vulnerabilities.
(105) Impact of Market Risks on Credit and Liquidity Risks of Global Banks - The underlying causes of current financial crisis.
(106) What went wrong with the traditionally safe and successful Credit Derivative tranches formed by home loans?
(107) System Testing and Integration Testing techniques in Software Development.
(108) Risks associated with Brand Extensions of companies having strong Brand Heritage.
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Our customers have successfully delivered dissertations and theses on these topics with the help of our mentoring and academic
consulting services and have achieved high grades. Please note that these topics represent vast scales of the corresponding subject
matters and all of them possess recommendations for future research. Hence, multiple new topics can be evolved out of these topics. In
some of them, we have already supported multiple dissertations/theses projects (indicated at applicable places).

If you find that your research interest matches with one of these topics then you may discuss with us regarding evolution of new and
unique topics in the same lines. The advantage of this approach is that the database for literature review is already built for these topics
and hence secondary research process can be accelerated thus saving time in overall research. Please contact us to discuss your topic or to
get ideas on new topics pertaining to your subject area. We do not charge anything for discussions on topics or to provide suggestions
about new topics. If you wish to place orders on us, please go through the "How to Order" details.

Further, We also offer you to develop the "problem description and statement", "aim, objectives, research questions", "design of
methodology and methods", and "15 to 25 most relevant citations per topic" for
three topics of your choice of research areas at a
nominal fee. Such a synopsis shall help you in focussing, critically thinking, discussing with your reviewers, and developing your
research proposal. To avail this service, Please Click Here for more details.

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