EPROINDIA is connected to a large network of industry professionals that can help you in Research &
its Writing assignments pertaining to IT, Networking, Management, Finance, HR, and Marketing
Dissertations and Theses Research Projects. The References are taken from world class Databases,
Libraries, Industry Sources and the Internet. Wikipedia and similar sites are not used as references. The
referencing styles used by our professionals are MLA, APA and Harvard or any specific referencing
formats as per customer's requirements. Please note that our services are genuine and legal because we
help you to achieve knowledge and competencies in your subject and not just write the assignments for
you. We will help you in choosing the topic that can potentially make your work unique and impart
knowledge through mutually agreed media.

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EPROINDIA offers Mentoring and Knowledge Building by Senior Industry
Professionals pertaining to IT, Networking, Management, Finance, HR, and
Marketing Dissertations, Theses, Reports, White Papers and Research Papers in the
following areas of specialization to help you in achieving 2:1 and First Class Levels:
(A) IT Systems - Networking, Windows, Linux, Virtualization, Cloud Computing,
Security Technologies, Databases, WiMAX, 3G, 4G/LTE, IP Multimedia, VoIP,
TETRA, Satellite Communications, etc. (Includes Modeling and Simulations)
(B) Information Technology Governance (COBIT, ITIL, ISO 20000, Val IT, Risk IT)
(C) Information Systems - Strategy, Services & Applications - Internal Management
and Outsourcing
(D) Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, Data Marting and
Data Warehousing, OLAP, Multi-Dimensional Reporting (CUBE Reports), etc.
(E) Electronic Commerce and On-Line Internet Enabled Businesses
(F) Information Security Management System (ISO 27001/27002/27005, NIST, etc.)
(G) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
(H) Information Risk Management, Asset Risk Management and Credit, Liquidity &
Market Risk Management
(I) Knowledge Management and Knowledge Resources Management
(J) Finance, Administration, Learning and Human Resources Management
(K) Business Management and Finance Accounting
(L) Analysis of Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Income Statements and Company
(M) Internal and External Auditing - ISA, IAS/IFRS, SFAS Fair Valuation, etc.
(N) Organizational Downsizing and Restructuring
(O) Management Accounting and Business Performance Management
(P) Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Branding
(Q) Customer Relationship Management
(R) Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth
(S) Critical Thinking, Ethical Thinking, Moral Thinking and Decision Making
(T) Management Best Practices - Porter's Models, Ansoff Model, Balanced Score
Card, SWOT, SLEPT, Senge's Model, etc.
(U) Social Infrastructure Services
(V) Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS)
(W) Research areas with Multivariate statistical modeling and analysis
(X) Research areas with System Dynamics Modelling
(Y) Sustainability in Engineering, Industries, Logistics, and Supply Chains
(Z) Other Specialized Subjects - as per customer requirements
Please also visit our recommendations on academic research topics for dissertation
and thesis research projects in the areas of IT Services, IT Governance, IT Security
and Communications
We invite Masters & Doctorate customers, Researchers and
Companies to avail our services. For Field Research, we connect to
our network of professionals across the world and conduct
interviews and surveys through well designed questionnaire and
other tools. We use the research techniques designed by world
class scholars pertaining to Qualitative, Quantitative and
Triangulation techniques.

We hate Plagiarism and strictly follow the global anti-plagiarism
rules. All the papers are tested using reliable tools to test
plagiarism before we give a go ahead to our customers for
submission. Our centralized Quality Control function makes sure
that all grammatical/spelling errors are corrected and papers
tested for plagiarism before the delivery of even the first draft. As
per our policy, we support our customers till final acceptance of
the papers and hence the first hand instructions are not taken as
final. Customers can take help for any number of modifications in
instructions as long as the core topic & philosophy of the subject
matter remains intact. We do appreciate that the reviewers may
come forward with modified instructions and enhancements and
hence take care of them due diligently.

We are fully transparent in terms of identity and profile of the
professionals that undertake the mentoring, research and
academic consulting assignments. Theoretically, English is not the
first language of Indians but the official education & professional
language in India is English. Therefore, the quality of English of
Indians is very much comparable to native English speakers
across the world. If you wish to place orders on us, please go
through the "
How to Order" details.

Disclaimer for Knowledge and Mentoring Services: We operate
Consultants and Mentors that ensure organised research with
building and transfer of knowledge to all our customers. We are in
this profession by virtue of our vast knowledge and professional
experience in the related fields. Our efforts are targetted to enhance
the competencies of our customers.
We Strictly Do Not Support
Plagiarism of Any Form.
Please contact us at consulting@etcoindia.co or
consulting@etcoindia.net to discuss your topic or to get
ideas about new topics pertaining to your subject area.
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