EPROINDIA is a group of Knowledgeable and Experienced Information Security
Management, IT Infrastructure Management, IT Governance Management, and
Quality Management Professionals. The professionals of EPROINDIA have
backgrounds of Indian Defense, Financial Services, Information Technology and
Manufacturing. Some of our key associates have successfully implemented offshore
development centers for banks ranked within top 10 in the world with complete
Information Security and Risk Management Framework from Offshore
development/consulting perspective.
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The organization is lead by Professor (Er.) N.K.Prasad in the capacity of Principal Consulting Officer who is a Senior Consulting Chartered Engineer at India
for more than 30 years and is a certified BS ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (BS7799-2:2005) Lead Auditor. The Principal Consulting Officer and all consulting
associates of ETCO India have a vast knowledge & experience of implementing these practices in their individual past assignments. The key Strengths of the
group are Quality, Ethics, Multi-Domain knowledge and depth of consulting. All our Consultants are our Business Partners. They demonstrate a high level
of Dedication, Professionalism, Confidentiality and Ethics for our Customers such that the degree of trust that a Customer can have on us is tremendous.
Following is the framework of our services. We offer Partial/Full building & management of the framework whereby we offer online mentoring (
), digitised knowledge publishing (EPROINDIA E-Publishing) and electronic learning (EPROINDIA E-Learning) to research professionals and
students of higher education courses (Masters and PH D in Information Technology and Management subjects).

The experts of EPROINDIA have held senior positions in various Indian and Multinational corporations, and possess excellent theoretical and practical
knowledge about the challenges and solutions in the fields of Information Technology and sophisticated management practices. Professor (Er.) N.K.Prasad
possesses immense knowledge and experience in establishing and successfully running coaching institutes for higher engineering courses and professional
training programmes. After serving Indian Air Force Technical College for 15 years in the capacity of chief instructor (avionics engineering), he established
his own higher engineering coaching and learning institute named Indian Institute of Electronics (IIE) in 1979. This institute was engaged in preparing the
students for the electronics and telecommunications engineering courses of IETE (India) and IE (India), two premier engineering institutions having global
presence. As a part of a major reorganisation and expansion plan, Professor N.K.Prasad merged IIE with Engineering and Technology Consultancy
Organisation (ETCO) India in 1983 and has been running this firm till now. ETCO India had two divisions - IT and ISMS consulting division and electronic
publishing and research division. To concentrate on the historical competencies of mentoring and coaching in higher engineering and management studies
(since 1979), and the opportunities to use advanced Internet enabled E-Learning technologies, Professor N. K. Prasad has separated the E-Publishing and
research division of ETCO India to form this new firm named Electronic Publishing and Research Organisation India (EPROINDIA). ETCO India will now
be led by a management team focussed on IT consultancy projects only. Professor (Er.) N.K.Prasad and his team of experts are now completely focussed on
enhancing the EPROINDIA E-Learning, E-Publishing and E-Mentoring frameworks to ensure best possible support to the researchers.

EPROINDIA offers mentoring, digitised knowledge publishing and electronic learning to professionals and students undertaking research projects. Every
research project needs to be on sound fundamentals of existing theories and facts, given that "grounded theory" methodology of conducting research has
been made mandatory by all academic bodies across the world. Hence, the students face two daunting challenges in designing a research project - (1)
identifying a modern research problem that has a significance and importance, and (2) getting the knowledge about the fundamentals such that the research
hypotheses or questions can be created. Once these two challenges are addressed, the researcher can proceed with the primary research and try to prove the
hypotheses or achieve the answers to the research questions. Our unique value addition is in identifying the research problem, imparting in-depth relevant
knowledge to the researcher pertaining to the research problem through well designed E-learning modules (which can be installed by the researcher on
his/her computer), and help the researcher in conducting the primary research and effectively correlating the findings with the relevant knowledge gathered
through the E-learning module to arrive at findings, conclusions and original recommendations of the research. This entire process involves a number of
online interactions with our experts over Skype. In case of software based simulations and analysis, our experts provide excellent training to the researchers
and also help in modelling, setting and troubleshooting the simulation environment through proven desktop sharing tools. Our deliveries serve the
researchers as excellent reference materials to shape their respective research projects and meet their respective aims and objectives. To make them successful,
our experts are open to align the deliveries as per inputs from the researchers and their reviewers regarding opportunities for improvements.
Electronic Publishing and Research Organisation India (EPROINDIA) - formerly the ePublishing and research division of ETCO India